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The Fighting Fund

This week’s fighting postbag contained £514 thanks to Southall comrades who raised £40 at their last meeting, £30 from a Devon reader, £25 from a Sheffield supporter and £20 from a London veteran.

The New Worker fighting fund is the steady flowing lifeline that keeps us afloat and we ask all our readers to help us in this way by contributing regular sums, however small. More and more workers are seeing through the fake news and the rubbish from the BBC and the rest of the bourgeois media.

Our paper campaigns to leave the European Union. We call for peace and socialism and we support workers in struggle at home and abroad. We stand side by side with all those struggling against racism, Zionism and fascism and fighting against imperialist aggression.

The fund helps to pay the wages of our full-timers, maintain our presses and stave off the demands of our suppliers. We now need £2,584 to hit our target for the month. We can only do it with your support. Send your donations to