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The Fighting Fund

We received £559 in donations to the fighting fund thanks to supporters all round the country that included the Sandhurst reader who topped up his sub renewal with a further £50. One of our regulars, an old friend in Essex sent in £20. We raised £79 at a meeting of the NCP Politburo last weekend and a south London supporter gave us a tenner. We now need £2,025 to hit our £3,500 target for October.

The fund helps to pay the wages of our full-timers, maintain our presses and stave off the demands of our suppliers. But we need to do much, much more to combat the lies of the bourgeois politicians and the fake news of the mass media. The fighting fund is the steady flowing lifeline that keeps us afloat and we ask all our readers to help us in this way by contributing regular sums, however small.

Send your donations to