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Syrian forces advance to block Turks

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

SYRIAN TROOPS are continuing their advance into the Syrian-Kurdish frontier zone to protect the civilian population and block the Turkish advance into the autonomous ‘Rojava’ Kurdish region, which until recently operated under US protection.

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On the High Street

by New Worker correspondent

DRIVERS and shunters working for Home Bargains, the Liverpool-based chain store whose 500 branches have replaced Woolworths on the nation’s high streets, have won an inflation-busting 11.4 per cent rise. As might be expected, the increase in hourly rates from £15.85 to £17.67 over two years comes with a cost — however workers have accepted changes to shift and payment schedules by a large majority

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Brexit — one step forward...?

EVEN THOUGH the Tory Government managed to get Commons agreement to allow the revised Brexit deal to go forward in parliament, Labour and the rest of the opposition combined to reject the Prime Minister’s plan to fast-track it. Johnson clearly cannot keep his pledge to take Britain out of the European Union by the end of the month and the ball is, once again, in the European court. They are, almost certainly, going to extend Britain’s departure date by three months. But what comes next is anyone’s guess.

Johnson wants a snap general election but that ceased to be the Prime Minister’s gift when the Tories signed up to the five Term Parliament Act to keep their Liberal-Democrat allies quiet in 2011. An early general election now can only be called if a two-thirds of the House of Commons agree — and Labour will not consider it until the ‘No-deal’ option is ruled out altogether.

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