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Bye bye Baghdadi

No-one in their right mind is going to miss Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed “Caliph” of ISIS who was killed by American commandos in Turkish-occupied Syria last weekend. We may never know whether the brutal ISIS leader was directly in the pay of the Americans or if he was an Israeli agent, as some have alleged in the Arab media. What is certain is that ISIS served the interests of US imperialism when it joined the imperialist drive for ‘regime-change’ in Syria.

The attempt to overthrow the popular front government in Damascus has been thwarted by the Syrian people with the help of Russia, Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement. But the Americans, Turks and Israelis continue to control strategic parts of the Syrian border.

The American ‘Greater Middle East’ plan to divide the region into pliable sectarian puppet states under the hegemony of the USA is in tatters and Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” that was supposed to resolve the Palestine question never got off the ground. But US imperialism, backed by Britain and the rest of the pack, still want to control the global oil and energy industry that revolves around the feudal Arab oil princes who depend on NATO guns to keep them on their thrones.

Anglo-American imperialism believes it can call all the shots in the Middle East today. The imperialists believe that all resistance can be crushed by brute force but in the Arab world imperialist violence has always led to an equally violent resistance. Imperialism’s refusal to recognise this has led to the spiral of violence and terror that began in 1948 with the first Arab-Israeli war and continues to this day in conflicts that now span the whole of the Arabian peninsula. Peace will only come with the complete end to imperialist intervention and the withdrawal of all NATO forces from the region.