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Labour fighting back!

by New Worker correspondent

ELECTIONEERING went into top gear following the dissolution of Parliament this week with Labour making a come-back in the opinion polls that, nevertheless, still put the Tories some eight points ahead. Tory leader Boris Johnson says his Brexit withdrawal deal is the best we’re ever going to get and he claims that a proposed new trade pact with the United States will more than off-set any losses due to leaving the European Union.

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Disabled workers fight for fair pay

by New Worker correspondent

LOCAL government and health union Unison held their annual disabled members’ conference last weekend in Brighton.

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No choice but Labour

THE TORIES say they are the only ones who can get us out of the European Union. But are they and is what they offer really Brexit?

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party thinks not. And they’re not the only ones. Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement is, of course, a form of Brexit. But it’s only a variation on the Chequers Plan of his ill-fated predecessor, Mrs May.

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