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The Fighting Fund

The November New Worker appeal got off to a fighting start with a stomping £1,356 raised at the November celebration at the Party Centre last weekend and a £50 donation from a supporter in Chiswick. That plus other donations and the bankers orders that underwrite much of our efforts the November fighting fund now stands £1,633. We now need £1,867 to hit our target for the month.

We’re often told that people don’t like frequent elections but it that really true? It’s certainly flattering to see bourgeois politicians pretend to be interested in the opinions of working people. It’s interesting to hear the media gurus try to tell us how to vote with their fake street accents and their equally fake news. What we have to do is to take the discussion beyond the parameters set by the ruling class to make the communist case for a way out of the capitalist crisis. The New Worker puts the case for socialism back on the working class agenda. In the factories and offices, on the streets and in places of learning across the country. We need to keep our presses rolling and that takes time and money. We rely on our readers to keep us going. Every contribution, big or small, helps. Send yours to