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The Fighting Fund

Another bumper postbag with donations that came to £1,675 has pushed the running total for the November fighting fund to £3,308. Many thanks to all those who got us there including the south London supporter who gave us a grand, the West London friend who donated £45 and the Aberdare reader who sent in a score. We now need just £192 to hit our target for the month.

Every day we’re bombarded by the fake news of the bourgeois media who tell us to vote Tory and that all’s well in the land. Well we won’t and it’s not. We’re fighting for a Labour victory and for the communist answer to the crisis. We’re fighting for peace and socialism.

The New Worker puts the case for socialism top of the agenda in the factories and offices, on the streets and in places of learning across the country, We need to keep our presses rolling and that takes time and money.

We depend on our readers to keep us going. Every contribution, big or small, helps. Send yours to the