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The Fighting Fund

This week’s post brought in donations that came to £214 which took us over the top with a grand total of £3,522! Many thanks to the Dagenham supporter who gave us £14, the veteran Essex friend who sent in a cheque for £50 and a Southall comrade who donated £150.

The New Worker puts the case for socialism top of the agenda in the factories and offices, on the streets and in places of learning across the country. It counters the fake news of the bourgeois media and helps make the case for communism that can solve the economic crisis that stretches right across the Western world. But we need to keep our presses rolling and that takes time and money.

The £3,500 December appeal starts now. Every contribution, big or small, helps. Send yours to the: New Worker Fund, PO Box 73, London SW11 2PQ. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to