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No to Trump, yes to Labour!

by New Worker correspondent

PROTESTERS took to the streets of central London on Tuesday to demonstrate against Donald Trump who returned to the capital this week to take part in a NATO summit at a luxury hotel in Hertfordshire that was once the home of the Earls of Clarendon. While NATO leaders lorded it with the Queen in Buckingham Palace to mark the alliance’s 70th anniversary crowds voiced their fury over increased military spending, including the US-controlled Trident nuclear missile system, and the American president’s sinister influence over Boris Johnson and other Tory party leaders.

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Election Fever

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

ON Wednesday evening the new BBC Scotland channel broadcast a series of interviews with the four main party leaders in which the interviewer suggested that crime could be cut by giving free burgers to prisoners so that being “a wee bit puffy” they would be easier for the police to catch. This was part of a spoof election programme but it would be forgivable if some people found it difficult to disentangle comedy from the reality.

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Why we still say — Vote Labour!

by Theo Russell

THE electoral policy of the New Communist Party (NCP) since its formation in 1977 has been to vote Labour, with the exception of European parliament elections because we believe it has no genuine democratic content. This policy was slightly amended in 2000 to permit support for independent Labour candidates with mass support and the NCP backed Ken Livingstone’s successful bid for the London Mayoralty that same year.

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Rail strikes

by New Worker correspondent

THE LONG-RUNNING battle being fought by transport union RMT to defend the role of guards on trains on safety grounds for the benefit of passengers has seen around 900 RMT members embark on a month-long strike on South Western Trains, which began on Monday and is scheduled to continue for the rest of the month. At the start of a planned 27 days of action there were 850 cancellations (about half the usual trains) in the morning alone.

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Vote Labour!

WE WILL BE voting in an election next week that will be decisive for the future of our country. A massive vote for Labour can stop austerity in its tracks. A Corbyn government will stop an American take-over of the NHS. Labour will restore key parts of the public sector that were criminally sold-off in the Thatcher era, support industrial development and create new jobs to end the unemployment and destitution that has blighted the lives of so many working class families in recent years.

The alternative? five more years of Tory misrule. five more years of bread-line wages. five more years of austerity and pay curbs to ensure that the rich can continue to live their worthless lives in the manner they’ve long been accustomed to.

The Tories dream of making Britain the “Singapore of Europe” — a spivs’ paradise for the money-launderers, drug-lords and oligarchs who have already turned London into a millionaires’ playground.

Labour promises to bring in a new, green industrial revolution; rebuild our public services and tackle poverty and inequality. For the many. Not the few.

But it’s also a climate election, an investment election, an NHS election, a living standards election, an education election, a poverty election, a fair taxes election. Above all, it’s the change election.

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