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Creeping fascism in the European Union

by New Worker correspondent

NCP comrades joined communists from all over Europe at a conference in Brussels on Monday, to denounce the outrageous anti-communist resolution of the European Parliament and the escalation of anti-communism planned by the European Union (EU).

NCP leader Andy Brooks and Peter Hendy from the Central Committee took part in the regional communist conference in the European parliament centre, called by the Communist Party of Greece and supported by 37 other communist and workers’ parties throughout Europe.

The bourgeois lie that equates communism with fascism to blame the Soviet Union for the outbreak of the Second World War is being promoted all over Europe. The pseudo-academic slander that the Soviet Union, which lost over 20 million people — soldiers and civilians — in the battle to defeat the Third Reich, was actually an ally of Nazi Germany is being used in eastern Europe to justify the banning of communist parties and the suppression of any opinions that challenge the bourgeois consensus.

The one-day conference denounced all the distortions of History by the EU and its governments, as well as the well-paid EU anti-communist propaganda campaign that they misleadingly call the ‘Europe for Citizens’ programme, which claims to promote “understanding of the EU, its history and diversity and to encourage the democratic participation of citizens at EU level”. On Tuesday the NCP delegation attended the annual meeting of the European Communist Initiative (ECI) that met in central Brussels to review the work of the anti-EU communist committee and plan joint communist campaigning in the New Year.