18th December 2020 Brexit: down to the wire. Grave pay cuts. Tidings of comfort and joy.

11th December 2020 Brexit now! Never mind about a “good deal”! Lo and No Pay Rises. Light at the end of the tunnel?

4th December 2020 Iran vows revenge for murder of scientist. Pay battles. Tiers for Fears. Tackling unemployment.

27th November 2020 Israel bombs Syria, Houthis rocket Saudi. Public Sector Pay. Blowing in the wind. America’s back.

20th November 2020 No Trump madness! Battle of the Thames. So long Dominic Cummings. Corbyn’s reinstatement.

13th November 2020 The nightmare of Trump is over! Health pay battles. The Ugly American.

6th November 2020 USA: No matter who wins only a fightback will stop racism! NHS pay battles. Pro-abortion protests rock Poland. Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn.

30th October 2020 Beyond the US election: class struggle! Aerospace battles. Nationalisation and Socialism.

23rd October 2020 Bolivian socialists celebrate. Broadband battles. Still Towering over London. Northern Lights.

16th October 2020 New global arms race? On the education front. Meeting to tackle global poverty. Johnson dips his snout into the bloody Ukrainian trough. Look to socialism.

9th October 2020 Greek fascists convicted. Sleeper battle. And did those feet…

2nd October 2020 Trump must be defeated. Swindling twizzler. An easy target.

25th September 2020 Anger in the Arab world. On the Rails. Starmer’s virtual reality.

18th September 2020 Lukashenko and Putin meet in Sochi. TUC meets in cyberspace. Labour and unions form a united front.

11th September 2020 Lukashenko speaks out! Gig jobs. NCP and Donbas communists hold Skype conference. Hobson’s choice.

4th September 2020 Trump fans the flames! On the wages front. I’m all right Jack…? The worst of the worst.

28th August 2020 Lukashenko tours to rally the people. Off the buses. In the summertime when the weather is hot. Where angels fear to tread.

21st August 2020 Imperialism: hands off Belarus! Bad news on the High Street. Hands off Belarus! Twist and Shout.

14th August 2020 Order restored in Minsk. Cultural cuts. Marxism and morality. Stand by Belarus.

7th August 2020 Beirut rocked by blasts. Aviation workers under attack. Summertime Blues. Banking on Biden.

31st July 2020 Portland protesters resist Trump’s troops. On the wages front. Why is the US conducting virus research in Eastern Ukraine? On Yer Bike.

24th July 2020 Israel’s war on Syria continues. Stealing jobs? The Russians are coming…

17th July 2020 Boris buckles under pressure. Council battles. Grovelling to Uncle Sam. If not now, when?

26th June 2020 Israeli air attacks repulsed. Manufacturing blues. Health and safety must come first.

19th June 2020 Boris forced to u-turn for the kids. Shock horror: millions of workers get low pay. Skule Newz. Playing with fire in the Himalayas… …and on the Korean peninsula

12th June 2020 Rebellion spreads in the USA! Workers’ Notes. Another Boris U-Turn. End the homeless crisis

5th June 2020 Not a riot: REBELLION! Newly essential workers. Image and Reality. The American Dream. Johnson’s nightmare.

29th May 2020 Cummings should go – and then Boris! Time to go! Weekly applause and a pay cut.

22nd May 2020 China races to find vaccine for the world. Praise but no raise. Support the teachers!

15th May 2020 No to new Israeli land grab! A belated discovery. Evasive and ambiguous.

8th May 2020 Venezuela foils US terrorist plot. Battles on the Tube. North and South. Modest Boris.

1st May 2020 Latest US pressure repulsed. The new unions. We will not forget the barbaric fascist crime in Odessa! May Day – A Day for the Workers!

24th April 2020 Urgent action needed on PPE! Pressing problems. Post-COVID-19 Speculations. The greatness of Lenin.

17th April 2020 Action now against Labour traitors! On the buses. Confusion at the Top. Starmer’s true colours. More Trump madness.

10th April 2020 No unity with the Tories! British communists join international call to fight virus. Outdoor Relief for Capitalism. One door opens…

3rd April 2020 Covid-19 crisis hits America. Essential workers. Safeguarding the environment and protecting life. Corbyn’s last bow. Strange Times – New Times.

27th March 2020 Chinese and Russian aid to Italy. Our finest hour? Surreal times indeed… Lock-down Britain.

20th March 2020 Socialism shows the way on COVID-19. ‘Government must help those who need it most’. Uncharitable Charity.

13th March 2020 China winning ‘People’s War’ on Covid-19. Pay rises. Getting to grips with the crisis.

6th March 2020 Syria sends Turkish forces reeling. Postal struggles. Learn from China. Farewell to Ken Ruddock.

28th February 2020 Syrian troops advance in Idlib. Outsourcing battles. Greek communists speak out! Where’s Boris?

21st February 2020 Release Assange! The Chilli Squid on Wheels strike. Johnson’s dilemma. Trump trumped.

14th February 2020 A triumph for Sinn Féin. Macron under mass pressure. For a planned economy.

7th February 2020 Social care catastrophe. De-recognition dangers. Thoughts on Internationalism.

31st January 2020 Trump’s deal is no deal: Free Palestine! Hospitals to Make You Sick. Delayed victory for the working class.

24th January 2020 NATO continues Gulf build-up. Wheels coming off. Terrorism a thing of the past for Xinjiang? Crawling to the Americans. The Words of Trump.

17th January 2020 The fight for Labour. Which way forward for Labour? Low Pay Battles.

10th January 2020 Iran strikes back. No to Sanctions! No to War! Nice job if you can get it…

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