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The Fighting Fund

The December appeal stood at £2,374 when we stopped for our two-week winter shut-down. We needed £1,126 to hit our fighting fund target for the month. We raised £980 which was sadly just £146 short of the £3,500 target. Still it was close thanks to the veteran Southall comrade who enclosed a £150 cheque with her Christmas card last month and the supporters from Dagenham, Cornwall and Essex, who all sent in seasonal tenners and finally to all the readers’ whose Bankers’ Orders underwrite much of the fund’s work every month. One comrade from Bristol doubled his contribution in December.

Another supporter in Essex has just guaranteed us a further £10 a month. It all helps keep our presses rolling and they certainly need to these days with Trump’s madness threatening to plunge the Middle East into more chaos and bloodshed and Boris Johnson’s government trying to drag us back into the Dark Ages with a whole tranche of new anti-union and anti-worker policies on the agenda for the next five years.

If you believe in what we are doing and want to make sure that our voice is heard send a donation to the fighting fund. The January appeal starts now. We need £3,500 to carry on the work. Big or small every pound counts. Send your donation to: