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Iran strikes back

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

IRANIAN missiles rained down on American bases in Iraq on Wednesday in reprisal raids to avenge the murder of one of their top generals in Baghdad last week. Waves of missiles hit the US airbase of Ain al-Assad in western Iraq as well as the US military camp near the city of Erbil in the north of the country.

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Nice job if you can get it…

by New Worker correspondent

LAST MONDAY saw the full resumption of the working routine after the Christmas and New Year holidays. But by five o’clock on the evening of the 6th January Britain’s top 100 bosses had already ‘earned’ the average worker’s entire 2020 pay on the assumption that they had done so by just three days work.

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No to Sanctions! No to War!

THE DERANGED actions of Donald Trump threaten to plunge the entire Middle East into flames. The assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, whom the Iraqis say was lured into an American trap in Baghdad, has led to inevitable Iranian reprisals against the US military presence in Iraq.

Trump didn’t bother to tell Britain or his other European allies that he had ordered Soleimani’s death although he did, apparently, inform the Israelis. That’s not surprising because the US war-lord takes all his European NATO allies for granted and he knows he can always count on the grovelling support of the Johnson government.

Appeasing the USA is second nature for the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and indeed many of the Blairite dregs in the Parliamentary Labour Party. The Labour leader, however, has publicly condemned Trump’s criminal actionssed. The head of the Church of England says, quite rightly, that the state of vulnerable people has worsened over the last nine years. But what’s he done about it?

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