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The fight for Labour

by New Worker correspondent

THE RACE to the top of the Labour Party has started in the aftermath of Labour’s defeat in last month’s general election. five Labour MPs are in the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn, who steps down in April. Three have vowed to continue, more or less, along the left social-democratic path charted by Corbyn. But only one of them, Rebecca Long-Bailey, has been endorsed by Momentum, the faction run by Jon Lansman, one of Corbyn’s key advisers.

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Low Pay Battles

by New Worker correspondent

RAIL UNION RMT is demanding that Liverpool City Council throw its weight behind the campaign to end to low pay at Merseyrail and bring the contract back in-house.

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Which way forward for Labour?

MANY HOPED for a Corbyn victory in December, or at least a hung parliament in which Labour would play the leading role, and that probably would have been the outcome had Labour had stuck to its pledge to honour the 2016 Brexit referendum. The Tories did and they won. Labour didn’t and they lost.

Labour’s defeat has now led to a degree of dismay and confusion amongst the younger generation who rallied around Jeremy Corbyn’s banner in recent years. Some say that there’s no point in remaining with Labour because whoever takes his place will not follow in his footsteps. Others are making the usual forlorn calls to set up another socialist party that follow a defeat for the labour movement.

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