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The Fighting Fund

A bumper postbag this week with a stunning £1,000 from a south London supporter and other donations including £30 from an Essex supporter, £25 from another in Cornwall, £20 from Southsea and £6 from Bedford. A Staffs supporter sent in £30 and a regular contributor from Carlisle gave another £6. Altogether it came to £1513 pushing the running total for January to £2,368. We now need £1,142 by the end of the month to hit our target and we’ve got just over a week to do it.

While the Labour Party goes through the process of selecting a new leader left forces are campaigning for no retreat from the reforms outlined in last year’s manifesto. Though they didn’t go far enough to meet the demands of the working class they were, at least, an attempt to end austerity through the ballot box. Now the fight-back begins in the unions and on the street.

We’ve got a role to play in making the case for communism and we need money to keep our communist press rolling. Big or small every pound counts. Send your donation to: