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The Fighting Fund

The postbag was perhaps inevitably lighter than last week’s bumper crop but we received in all another welcome £631 towards our January target of £3,500. This included £25 from a London ambulance driver in gratitude for our report on the state of the service. From an Aberdeen reader came £50, which he said will help dispel the myth that residents of his home city are tight-fisted. A Herefordshire reader contributed £20, which will certainly not be spent on cider from his county but will go towards our next ink order. A Greek supporter’s fiver will also find a constructive use.

In a literal sense paper does indeed grow on trees — but in a metaphorical sense it does not because it has to be paid in hard cash, when the engineer is called out to repair our printer he does not do so for a cup of tea and a biscuit. If we do not obtain sufficient quantities of cash the paper will cease publication and become part of history, along with the Penny Papers for the People and Reynold’s Weekly Newspaper. That will never do because there is still an urgent need for a Marxist-Leninist weekly to counteract the rubbish in both the bourgeois and Trotskyite press. Any donations large or small count towards maintaining a weekly communist voice in Britain. Please help by sending yours to: