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Social care catastrophe

Hft, a charity providing assisted living to learning-disabled adults, has released its annual Sector Pulse Report, which paints a dire picture of the social care service sector. Founded in 1962, the charity supports over 2,500 people across England and Wales, from Morpeth in the north to Cornwall.

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De-recognition dangers

UNIONS in the North Sea oil and gas industry are opposing bosses who are attempting to de-recognise unions in these dangerous industries. Companies involved with the Offshore Contractors Partnership Agreement (OCPA) have announced that they will terminate the agreement at the end of June.

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Thoughts on Internationalism

ELSEWHERE in the paper there is a report of a recent meeting at the House of Commons on the situation in Kashmir. This concludes with the words “there is no ongoing campaign of solidarity in Britain with the people of Kashmir”.

That statement is not only true in the specific Kashmir case but the gives us cause to reflect on the state of international solidarity work in Britain, which could, quite frankly, be better.

International solidarity basically take two forms. One is supporting progressive governments against imperialist aggression, as is the role of organisations such as the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and the Korea Friendship Association. In other cases it is to support oppressed peoples from foreign occupiers, such as the work carried out by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign or the NCP’s support of left forces in Ukraine.

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