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A triumph for Sinn Féin

SINN FÉIN President Mary Lou McDonald celebrated the fact that her party won 37 seats of the 160 seats in the Dáil Éireann, the Irish House of Commons, as a “Revolution in the ballot box”. This, she said, would allow her to form a “people’s government” prioritising housing and health. Indeed, it was a triumph. The party emerged with the largest share of the vote, overtaking the two traditional parties fianna Fáil and incumbent fine Gael, who collected 22.2 and 20.9 per cent of the vote respectively.

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Macron under mass pressure

by Theo Russell

ON 6th February in Paris I joined a national day of protest, the latest stage in the two-month long battle between president Macron and the unions over pension reforms. That week a parliamentary committee began considering the draft law, which faces 22,000 amendments.

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For a planned economy

TODAY (Friday) sees the UK Student Climate Network hold another ‘Global Strike 4 Climate’. Last September they organised 300,000 mostly young people of school age who took to the streets in 850 separate protests. Obviously saving the planet is more important during a double maths period than during the school holidays when some, at least, of the protesters take to the skies in polluting aeroplanes.

These protests have done much to raise the issue of climate change and have helped to ensure that every politician pays at least lip service to the matter.

The devil is in the detail however. On Tuesday the Tory Government announced that it was going ahead with the much-delayed High Speed railway (HS2).

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