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Release Assange!

by New Worker correspondent

OVER a hundred doctors and two Australian MPs are calling for the release of Julian Assange, who is being held in London’s Belmarsh prison whilst awaiting hearings that could lead to his extradition to the USA where he faces life imprisonment on bogus espionage charges.

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The Chilli Squid on Wheels strike

by New Worker correspondent

LAST FRIDAY evening, the small non-TUC union, the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), organised a boycott of oriental fast food chain Wagamama in Sheffield and York by Deliveroo delivery cyclists. IWGB is protesting against at the fact Deliveroo in both cities recently made changes to how their app functions, which in many cases has effectively resulted in a 50 per cent pay cut to well below minimum wage.

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Johnson’s dilemma

THE Prime Minister’s ministerial purge that led to the resignation of the Chancellor, Sajid Javid, and the appointment of a special adviser that was speedily withdrawn following cross-party protests over his crackpot racist views, demonstrate the inherent instability of the Johnson administration.

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Trump trumped

US imperialism’s position in the Middle East is collapsing like a house of cards following the Syrian army’s sweeping victories over the sectarian terror gangs in the Turkish occupied Idlib enclave and the collapse of the so-called “deal of the century”, that the Americans supposed could resolve the Palestine issue by giving the Zionists everything they want.

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