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Trump trumped

US imperialism’s position in the Middle East is collapsing like a house of cards following the Syrian army’s sweeping victories over the sectarian terror gangs in the Turkish occupied Idlib enclave and the collapse of the so-called “deal of the century”, that the Americans supposed could resolve the Palestine issue by giving the Zionists everything they want.

Trump’s ‘deal’ leaves Arab Jerusalem and large swathes of occupied Palestinian West Bank territory under Israeli occupation in exchange for some worthless bits of desert along the frontier with Egypt that the USA claims could be developed into industrial zones. The Palestinians get nothing apart from a puppet state, much like those set up by the Nazis in German-occupied Europe, that would be totally dependent on Israel and financial support that the Americans expect the feudal Arab oil princes to provide.

Communists call for the immediate and unconditional end to the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip and for a comprehensive peace treaty, based on past United Nations resolutions, to end the Middle East conflict.

United Nations resolutions provided the basis for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. First of all, Israel must withdraw totally from all the occupied territories seized in 1967, including Arab East Jerusalem and Syria’s Golan Heights. The Palestinians must be allowed to establish a state of their own on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Palestinian refugees whose homes are now in Israel must be allowed to return or, if they so wish, be paid appropriate compensation in exchange. All states in the region, including Israel, should have internationally agreed and recognised frontiers guaranteed by all the Great Powers.