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China winning ‘People’s War’ on Covid-19

by New Worker correspondent

CHINESE President Xi Jinping went to the locked-down city of Wuhan this week pledging a continuous fight towards victory as prevention and control efforts have turned the tide in the city at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) that has now spread throughout the world

As medics and scientists battled the previously unknown virus head-on, hundreds of millions of Chinese people abandoned their holiday plans to stay at home for weeks on end. Cities were locked down, businesses suspended, public events cancelled, and even the annual sessions of the national legislative and political advisory bodies postponed for the first time because of a public health emergency.

Xi declared a “people’s war” to fight this invisible enemy by mobilising the forces of the whole country. The immense effort paid off.

Daily new cases on the Chinese mainland dropped to 19 on Monday, down from the plateau of thousands a month ago. Most provinces have reported zero increase for days. Even in Wuhan, the situation has turned the corner with more than 30,000 patients discharged and all the re-purposed makeshift hospitals shut down.

China’s decision to adopt old-style quarantine and trace methods on an unprecedented scale slowed the spread of COVID-19 infections not just within China but around the world.


And whilst the Chinese people struggled to beat back the virus at home their people’s government continues to offer support and assistance to other countries. Despite its own shortage of medical staff and supplies, People’s China has sent experts to aid Iran and Iraq, and given $20 million to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said China’s forceful measures have won valuable time for the world to prepare for the epidemic; and UN chief António Guterres also said that China has made significant contributions to humanity.

In Wuhan on Tuesday Xi Jinping met patients, medics, workers, police officers, officials and volunteers who have been fighting to contain and defeat the virus that has claimed the lives of over 3,000 people in China over the last four months.

On behalf of the Communist Party of China, Xi sent condolences for people who died in the epidemic and the people who sacrificed their lives fighting on the front-line.

Over 11 million people live in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in central China. There, 86 hospitals were designated to treat COVID-19 patients, two new hospitals were built from scratch in just two weeks, and 16 exhibition halls and sports venues were converted into makeshift hospitals, opening up 60,000 beds for COVID-19 patients in just one month. Outside the hard-hit zone, the manufacturing of medical supplies was cranked up and “green passages” were opened to ensure the goods were delivered on time.

Everything from surgical masks to advanced life support systems streamed to the front-line, including at least 67 sets of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines and 17,000 ventilators.

This week the number of new infections has fallen dramatically thanks to the immense efforts of the people in dealing with the crisis. More and more patients are being discharged, and all of Wuhan’s temporary hospitals have now been closed.

Praising the people of Wuhan, the communist leader said the positive trend in epidemic control could not have been achieved without their sacrifice, devotion, perseverance and efforts. Thanks to their hard work, the situation in Wuhan and Hubei province has improved, but the task of prevention and control remains arduous.

The Chinese leader stressed the importance of communities in epidemic prevention and control, requiring grass-roots Party organisations and Party members to play their key roles in containing the spread of the virus. The key, Xi said, was relying on the people to win the people’s war against the epidemic. Telling health workers that the spread of the virus has basically been curbed, Xi Jinping said this was down to the efforts of the whole Party, the whole country and the whole of society.