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Socialism shows the way on COVID-19

by New Worker correspondent

WHILST THE American government tries to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to apply more pressure on Iran and other Third World countries that continue to defy US imperialism, People’s China and the other people’s democracies are tackling the deadly menace of this new coronavirus disease whilst helping others in the fight against COVID-19 all around the world.

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Uncharitable Charity

by New Worker correspondent

HOMELESS charity St Mungo’s, which has many branches in London as well as Basildon, Brighton and Bristol, is facing a strike by hundreds of staff opposing a “race to the bottom”. A three-day strike took place on Monday to Wednesday of this week.

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‘Government must help those who need it most’

LAST WEEK Boris Johnson was telling us that “many more families are going to lose their loved ones before their time” because his government was going to allow the deadly coronavirus to spread to about 60 per cent of the population, so that this would develop future “herd immunity” for those who survived.

This could lead to the infection, in a matter of months, of around 40 million people and some 300,000 to over a million deaths amongst the frail and the elderly. Whilst this didn’t seem to bother the crackpot advisers who surround the Prime Minister, there was an enormous backlash from the medical community and the vulnerable pensioners who are the mainstay of the Tory vote in the Home Counties these days.

Under pressure from his own back-benchers, Johnson has backtracked to return to a conventional containment policy that Labour supports but argues doesn’t go far enough to deal with the crisis.

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