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Socialism shows the way on COVID-19

by New Worker correspondent

WHILST THE American government tries to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to apply more pressure on Iran and other Third World countries that continue to defy US imperialism, People’s China and the other people’s democracies are tackling the deadly menace of this new coronavirus disease whilst helping others in the fight against COVID-19 all around the world.

In China where the pandemic began last December, the battle against COVID-19 has almost been won. In Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province where the outbreak began, more than 30,000 patients have been discharged. All the temporary hospitals have been shut down and the first batch of medical assistance teams started leaving Hubei province this week.

China stabilised the COVID-19 outbreak in a short period of time. It could not have been achieved without the practice of collectivism by the Chinese people. Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, the whole nation has been mobilised in the fight against the virus. People from all walks of life made concerted efforts and fought in unity.

Medical workers, in particular, are devoted to the fighting of the pandemic on the front-line, some even sacrificing their own lives. They demonstrated the strength of the collectivist spirit.

Facing a pandemic that has proven to be the most difficult to contain in the country since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the people’s government has applied unprecedented quarantine and isolation measures including the lock-down of Wuhan, a city of more than 10 million people, at the centre of the outbreak. These measures have proved effective as the peak of the pandemic has passed and new infections have dwindled, from thousands of cases per day to only a few in the epicentre of the outbreak.

Chinese medical teams have been sent to Iran and Iraq to help, and Chinese medical specialists have already landed in Italy to help combat the coronavirus outbreak. Some are working with Cuban doctors using an existing anti-viral drug, produced in China in partnership with the Cubans, to treat victims of the current coronavirus outbreak. Although neither a cure nor a vaccine against COVID-19, Interferon Alpha 2b has been used successfully in the fight against Dengue Fever.

Produced with Cuban technology at the Changchun Heber Biological Technology facility, located in the Chinese city of Jilin, Interferon is currently being used to treat high-risk individuals and health-care personnel as a preventive measure, as well as COVID-19 patients, via nebulisation, the most rapid way to reach the lungs and have an impact in the early stages of infection.

BioCubaFarma, the Cuban Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical group, manages the island’s efforts toward manufacturing medicines, diagnostics and medical equipment, and providing high-quality life science services to improve the people’s health. BioCubaFarma serves as a gateway for potential partners and investors interested in accessing the extensive biopharma resources Cuba has to offer.

Meanwhile, the stranded British cruise ship Braemar has been allowed to dock in Cuba following a request from the British government. The ship, with over a thousand passengers and crew, has been stranded in the Caribbean after reporting the first cases of coronavirus on board in February.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, who thanked the Cuban government for allowing the ship to dock at the Cuban port of Mariel, said the UK was now working intensively with the Cuban authorities to ensure that all British citizens can return home quickly and safely.