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The Fighting Fund

A bumper postbag this week brought in donations that came to £1,195 thanks to a comrade in Bristol who sent in £500 and another from the same city who gave us a score. More £20s came from regular contributors in Carlisle and Sutton-in-Ashfield. The NCP East Anglia District raised £100 and a veteran Essex comrade donated £25. Finally another old friend who lives in a former Soviet republic sent in another £500! “Try to keep the real news coming folks” an Armagh reader said in a letter enclosed with a tenner for the fighting fund. Well we do our best!

The March appeal now stands at £2,321 which means we need to raise a further £1,179 by the end of the month to hit our £3,500 target.

These are strange days with a lockdown that bans all conventional meetings or public campaigning for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak. We will continue to publish as long as we can maintain supplies and deliveries. We therefore need to keep the cash-flow going at an even faster and higher rate. So please send a donation to: