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Covid-19 crisis hits America

by John Wojcikt

THE FIGURES as of Tuesday morning are horrific. More than 173,000 Americans are infected – well over twice the number infected in China, which has four times as many people as the USA. More than 3,400 are dead – also more than in China, where the pandemic started. The USA’s top health officials say that if everything goes “perfectly” we will “only” have up to 200,000 dead. If things don’t go perfectly, it could be in the millions, they say.

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Essential workers

by New Worker correspondent

AS ALWAYS, it is the working class that is at the sharp end of things. In the present situation workers are being laid off in vast numbers or are having to work in difficult conditions. Perhaps worst of all are the bosses in inessential business that still force workers to still come into work in order to boost profits.

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Safeguarding the environment and protecting life

by John Maryon

WITHIN THE BILLIONS of galaxies that form our universe a vast range of environmental conditions will exist. In addition to great variations of temperature, with some worlds seeing rivers of molten iron whilst others are hidden under seas of liquid methane, large differences of pressure, gravity and solar radiation will occur. Within this divergency a number of habitats will exist where carbon based life forms are able to evolve and develop, some with a degree of conscious intelligence. The stable presence of water in liquid form over billions of years appears to be a prerequisite for the formation of life.

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Corbyn’s last bow

JEREMY CORBYN took part in his final Prime Minister’s Questions as Labour leader last week. Boris Johnson paid tribute to Corbyn’s “sincerity and determination to build a better society”, whilst the Labour leader warned the Prime Minister not to deliver his political obituary because he will not stop campaigning for social justice in the future.

“My voice will not be stilled,” Corbyn said. “I will be around. I will be campaigning. I will be arguing and demanding justice for the people of this country and indeed the rest of the world.”

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Strange Times – New Times

The news that Russia is sending medical assistance to the USA reflects the nature of the coronavirus plague that has plunged the world into a health crisis not seen since the devastating Spanish Flu pandemic that swept the world shortly after the end of the First World War.

During the Cold War the USA and the satellite states that their lackeys called the “free world” exploited disease and famine in the Third World to trumpet the supposed superiority of the capitalist system. They sent their ‘aid’ to maintain neo-colonialist control of large parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America for the benefit of trans-national corporations of the imperialist heartlands.

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