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Action now against Labour traitors!

by New Worker correspondent

DEMANDS for disciplinary action against the Blairite clique at Labour Party headquarters are growing after an internal Labour report was leaked to the media last weekend. The 860-page dossier, now freely available on the Web, found that no current or former staff were “motivated by anti-Semitic intent” when dealing with anti-Semitism complaints. But it also concluded that factional hostility towards Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn from senior staff contributed to “a litany of mistakes” in dealing with anti-Semitism.

The report reveals that in 2019, half of all the anti-Semitism complaints came from just “one individual” who was accused of being “rude and abusive” to party staff. It also claims that former General Secretary Iain McNicol and other senior Labour figures had provided “false and misleading information” to Corbyn’s office in relation to the handling of anti-Semitism complaints, which meant “the scale of the problem was not appreciated” by the leadership. These people were opposed to anyone to the left of Blair’s ‘New Labour’ including Ed Miliband and Andy Burnham, who were not Corbyn supporters.

The Socialist Campaign Group that is supported by 29 Labour MPs including Jeremy Corbyn has called for an emergency meeting of Labour’s National Executive Committee to discuss the document’s contents. “This process must produce a report, that is publicly available, which restores faith among Labour members in the practices of our party,” the Group said.

And Momentum, the left Labour faction run by Jon Lansman who was one of Corbyn’s top aides, has accused “party headquarters” of undermining Labour in the 2017 general election.

“Winning 40 per cent of the popular vote, we were less than 2,500 votes away from forming a government. Had we pulled together, we could have won,” said John Taylor, a member of Momentum’s National Co-ordinating Group. “Those responsible must be held to account, and anyone found to have worked against a Labour victory must never again be allowed to hold a senior party position.”

Union leaders are also backing rank-and-file demands for firm measures to deal with the Blairite bureaucrats who used the bogus Zionist campaign against Corbyn to undermine his leadership and sabotage Labour’s chances in the 2017 general election. Matt Wrack, the leader of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), said: “This is clear evidence of what many party members knew all along – that whilst Jeremy Corbyn was trying to deliver a Labour government, senior Labour officials were conducting a vicious sabotage campaign against him.

“This abuse – which included repeated attempts to weaken Jeremy Corbyn’s position – was taking place at the very same time that Labour activists were knocking on doors day and night to try and deliver a Labour government. Particular shame should be felt by those who were planning to oust Jeremy Corbyn less than four months after he had won a second leadership election.”

His words were echoed by Dave Ward, the general secretary of the CWU postal workers union, who said: “As the leader of an affiliated union I know that many of our activists worked tirelessly for a Labour government. It is incredible to see how deep rooted the attempts to sabotage that objective were. The strongest action is now required, including membership suspensions.”

But Corbyn’s successor, who was elected leader with the support of the Blairite and Zionist cliques inside the Labour Party, has ignored calls to take disciplinary action and has, instead, called for a probe to track down who was responsible for leaking the internal document in the first place.

Calling it a major blow for “party unity”, Sir Keir Starmer has launched an investigation into the claims made in the document, how the evidence in it was gathered and how it was leaked.