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Action now against Labour traitors!

by New Worker correspondent

DEMANDS for disciplinary action against the Blairite clique at Labour Party headquarters are growing after an internal Labour report was leaked to the media last weekend. The 860-page dossier, now freely available on the Web, found that no current or former staff were “motivated by anti-Semitic intent” when dealing with anti-Semitism complaints. But it also concluded that factional hostility towards Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn from senior staff contributed to “a litany of mistakes” in dealing with anti-Semitism.

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On the buses

by New Worker correspondent

IN LONDON, sick pay from day one for the capital’s 20,000 bus men and women has been secured by their union, Unite.

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Confusion at the Top

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

Sometimes it is difficult for ordinary people to know what level of government is responsible for particular functions. The national government, devolved assembly and local authority all have their different jobs to do, but with overlapping responsibilities.

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Starmer’s true colours

IT HASN’T taken long for Sir Keir Starmer to reveal his real agenda for Labour now. He talks about “unity” but what he means is closing ranks behind the neo-liberal ‘New Labour’ agenda and unity around the Blairite has-beens in parliament that backed his cause. His first act has been to call for a Brexit delay. His first response to the coronavirus crisis has been simply to call on the Government to produce a lock-down exit strategy and his reaction to the damning Labour internal report on the treacherous role of the Blairites in undermining the Corbyn leadership was to call for a probe into who leaked it.

Some within the Starmer camp dream of high office in a ‘government of national unity’ whilst the usual fake lefters bleat on about the need for a new ‘Marxist’ party to challenge Labour in the polls. None of them can explain why all previous attempts to do so have failed dismally.

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More Trump madness

Donald Trump says he’s going to suspend US funding of the World Health Organisation (WHO), claiming it was pro-Chinese and that it had made mistakes that “caused so much death” as the coronavirus plague spread across the globe. Whether the President of the USA has the power to take this action without the approval of Congress remains to be seen. It will certainly be challenged by his Democrat rivals.

The WHO is a United Nations agency whose primary role is to direct international health within the UN system and to lead partners in global health responses. But Trump says that it “failed to adequately obtain, vet and share information in a timely and transparent fashion”, and he claims it “pushed China’s misinformation about the virus, saying it wasn’t communicable and there was no need for travel bans”.

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