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Urgent action needed on PPE!

by New Worker correspondent

SIR KEIR STARMER has called for urgent action to deal with the shortage of personal protective equipment in hospitals and care homes struggling to cope with the coronavirus plague. The new Labour leader’s call reflects the mounting anger across the country at the Johnson Government’s abject failure to respond to the health crisis that goes far beyond the medical community.

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Pressing problems

by New Worker correspondent

IT REMAINS to be seen what long-term impact the present lockdown has on the economy and jobs. Some sectors of the economy will probably recover fairly speedily with weaker businesses going to the wall. The hospitality trade will doubtless see pubs and restaurants bounce back once they have cleaned out their beer pipes and disposed of hastily abandoned food. It is unlikely that the ending of the present crisis will inspire a revival of the temperance movement. It will be interesting to see if the outrage at the boss of Wetherspoons sacking his staff actually translates into a boycott when the pubs reopen and the attraction of a cheap pint looms.

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Post-COVID-19 Speculations

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

On Tuesday you could buy a barrel of Brent crude oil for as little as $18 dollars if you bought it at the right time of day, carelessly hanging on would mean you would have to pay as much as $21. In Texas you would actually be paid $37.63 to take away a barrel of the black stuff that is no longer remotely gold. Storage facilities for crude and refined oil are at a record high, and refineries are rejecting any new oil for processing.

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The greatness of Lenin

THIS WEEK communists marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Illych Lenin, the Bolshevik leader who led the working people of Russia in their struggle to overthrow the hated Czarist regime and establish the first workers’ and peasants republic in the entire history of humanity.

Lenin led the revolutionary upsurge that swept the old guard out in 1917 and established workers’ power in what would soon be called the Soviet Union. The Great October Socialist Revolution ushered in a period in which a sixth of the world would throw off the yoke of capitalism. For the first time in history the oppressed seized the reins of state power and began the task of building socialism.

Soviet power was proclaimed by the Congress of Soviets on 25th October 1917. The old state machine was abolished and elected Soviet workers’ councils were established in the villages, factories and military units. Free education was introduced in all the languages of the peoples of the former Russian empire and the people started to build a new socialist society.

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