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The Fighting Fund

The fighting fund went up by another £680 pushing the running total to £2,925 for the month. Many thanks to the Devon comrade who sent in £250 from a Devon comrade and another regular supporter from Essex who gave us £30 and all the others who helped us on our way. And thanks also to the Uxbridge supporter who writes “Comrades are doing a sterling job getting the New Worker out!” Well, we are doing our best in these difficult times. We now need £575 by the May Day to hit our target. Let’s make it a May Day boost to hit our target and keep our suppliers sweet for another month!

Postal delays due to the coronavirus emergency are beyond our control but we’re still keeping our communist press rolling to ensure that the New Worker comes out every week. Your support for the greatest cause in human history is vital in guaranteeing the continued survival of the New Worker.

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