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Latest US pressure repulsed

by New Worker correspondent

US IMPERIALISM stepped up its destabilising efforts in Asia last week, spreading baseless rumours about the health of Democratic Korean leader Kim Jong Un and launching new provocations against People’s China around the Xisha islands in the South China Sea. Some believe that the war lobby, the cross party ‘deep state’ that represents the most aggressive sections of the US ruling class, is using the Trump administration’s disarray over the coronavirus crisis to pursue their old Cold War plan for total US hegemony on both sides of the Pacific.

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The new unions

by New Worker correspondent

NOT ALL of Britain’s trade unions are affiliated to the Trades Union Congress (TUC). Amongst those that aren’t are three small, recently formed unions active amongst precarious workers.

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We will not forget the barbaric fascist crime in Odessa!

by Theo Russell

ON 2nd May, 2014 a barbarous crime took place in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, committed by a fascist mob who were emboldened by the violent coup 10 weeks earlier – a coup which was enthusiastically supported by US and European Union (EU) leaders, and welcomed by the UK government.

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May Day – A Day for the Workers!

ALTHOUGH the origins of May Day go back to hallowed antiquity when it was a festival for the ancient gods, it has also always been a day for working people. On May Day we remember those dark days of old when workers fought against grasping employers who would have them work all day, every day but Sunday, for a miserable pittance of a wage.

We recall the struggle for the eight-hour day and the strikes in the USA and Canada called on May Day 1886 that ended in the murder of six strikers by the police in Chicago, and the deaths of seven police the next day when a bomb exploded during a protest in the city’s Haymarket Square. Eight trade union leaders were arrested on trumped-up charges and four were hanged in Illinois in 1887.

In 1889 the First International, the International Working Men’s Association, declared May Day an international working-class holiday to commemorate the Haymarket Martyrs, and the Red Flag, representing the blood of working class martyrs – the martyred dead of Labour’s anthem – was adopted as the international symbol of working people.

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