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Latest US pressure repulsed

by our Asian affairs correspondent

US IMPERIALISM stepped up its destabilising efforts in Asia last week, spreading baseless rumours about the health of Democratic Korean leader Kim Jong Un and launching new provocations against People’s China around the Xisha islands in the South China Sea. Some believe that the war lobby, the cross party ‘deep state’ that represents the most aggressive sections of the US ruling class, is using the Trump administration’s disarray over the coronavirus crisis to pursue their old Cold War plan for total US hegemony on both sides of the Pacific.

In Washington, President Trump dismissed reports that Kim Jong Un was gravely ill as “fake news”. He said he could not “tell you exactly” the status of Kim’s health, though he did have a “very good idea” about his condition. “But I can’t talk about it now,” Trump said. “I just wish him well.”

The Democratic Korean leader’s reported absence at the 15th April birthday celebrations of the great Korean communist leader Kim Il Sung fired speculation in south Korea that Kim Jong Un had contracted COVID-19 or had suffered a crippling heart attack. But all these bogus stories clearly came from reactionary circles within south Korean intelligence who ultimately report to the US army of occupation and the CIA.


This week Kim Jong Un sent a message of gratitude to workers building tourist facilities in the coastal town of Wonsan. He’s also sent greetings to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

South Korean intelligence has a long track-record of spreading lies and disinformation about the north. In 1986 they claimed that Kim Il Sung had been shot dead. A few hours later Kim Il Sung was publicly seen at Pyongyang airport greeting a Mongolian delegation.

Meanwhile, the Chinese navy drove a US warship out of Chinese territorial waters off the Xisha islands, telling them they’d be better off focusing on dealing with COVID-19 prevention and control at home rather than destabilising regional security and peace overseas. A similar illegal incursion in Chinese waters off the Xisha islands happened in March, which was denounced in Beijing as hegemonic behaviour.

Chinese war-planes and naval forces followed the US guided missile destroyer USS Barry when it trespassed into China’s territorial waters off the Xisha Islands on Tuesday, said Colonel Li Huam in. They followed and monitored its course, identified the ship, warned and expelled it, Li said.

The USA’s provocative actions seriously violated international law and related norms, seriously violated Chinese sovereignty and security interests, and intentionally increased regional security risks, Li said.

“We urge the US side to focus on the epidemic prevention and control on its homeland, contribute more to the international fight against the pandemic and immediately stop military actions against regional security, peace and stability,” Li said.

Chinese troops will resolutely fulfil their duty, safeguard national sovereignty and security as well as peace and stability in the South China Sea, Li said. A Chinese military expert who requested anonymity told the media that the USA was eager to show that it still had the military capability even amidst multiple COVID-19 outbreaks inside its military, but this has further exposed the USA’s own fear that it is losing presence in the region.

China was ready to defend itself against US military provocations even in its prime, and expelling a destroyer is a warning to the USA, showing the Chinese military is capable of and determined in safeguarding sovereignty and territorial integrity, the expert said.