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The Fighting Fund

Supporters sent in donations totalling £600 this week which pushed the needle over the £3,500 target with a just a little to spare! The April fighting fund appeal closed with a grand total of £3,525 thanks to readers’ whose bankers’ orders undermine so much of our fund-raising work. Others responded to the call by Paypalling donations including £50 from an Italian comrade working in Britain and another £50 from a supporter in Bristol.

Though it was a ‘virtual’ May Day for most of us under the lock-down regime we still celebrated workers’ day in our hearts and we keep up the fight for peace and socialism in the weekly columns of our communist paper.

The New Worker comes out every week but only because supporters keep up the fund that keeps the price down and our suppliers sweet. Your support for the greatest cause in human history is vital in guaranteeing the continued survival of the only communist weekly in Britain. The May appeal starts now!

Please send donations to: