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Venezuela foils US terrorist plot

by our south American affairs correspondent

VENEZUELAN troops foiled an attempted infiltration in a battle on the beach last weekend near the capital, Caracas, that left eight gunmen dead. Thirteen others were taken prisoner, along with a number of sophisticated weapons, six vehicles and satellite phones.

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Battles on the Tube

by New Worker correspondent

THE TRINITY of rail unions, ASLEF, RMT and TSSA, have denounced plans to run more trains in a letter to the Prime Minister and leaders of the devolved assemblies. The unions point out that they have worked during the crisis to ensure key workers are able to get to work and to move essential medical and food supplies. They demand that company profits must not come before people’s lives however, and the lockdown should not be lifted until it is safe to do so.

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North and South

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

THE TORY Government has rightly been castigated by many for failing to prepare adequately for the pandemic. Amongst these condemnatory voices are the Scottish National Party (SNP) but they keep their lips sealed when it comes to the skilful planning of the SNP Government, which actually parallels closely that south of the border.

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Modest Boris

BORIS JOHNSON is being unusually modest these day. Not surprising given that we have the highest coronavirus death toll in Europe and the second worst in the world.

Mark you, Johnson has little to fear from the new Labour leader. Sir Keir Starmer bleats on about bringing the country together to deal with the national crisis when he should be taking up the health workers’ demands for protective clothing and the unions’ calls for job security when the shut-down ends.

Starmer congratulates Boris Johnson on the birth of his son whilst his minions work to ensure that one of their own becomes Labour’s general secretary following the resignation of Jenny Formby.

Starmer’s followers say their leader is a great orator who trumps Johnson in parliamentary debate. But it cuts no ice on the street. The Starmer ‘bounce’ the Blairites said would happen when Jeremy Corbyn stepped down hasn’t happened. According to the latest opinion poll, 48 per cent of people would rather Boris Johnson was at the helm during this crisis, only a mere 19 per cent were in favour of the Labour leader.

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