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Venezuela foils US terrorist plot

by our south American affairs correspondent

VENEZUELAN troops foiled an attempted infiltration in a battle on the beach last weekend near the capital, Caracas, that left eight gunmen dead. Thirteen others were taken prisoner, along with a number of sophisticated weapons, six vehicles and satellite phones.

The prisoners include two former US commandos. They planned to assist US agents inside the country launch terror attacks to destabilise the left-wing Maduro government and provoke a coup.

“They were playing Rambo. They were playing the hero,” said President Nicolas Maduro after Caracas TV showed two dishevelled Americans, named as Airan Berry and Luke Denman, in the hands of Venezuelan soldiers.

The gunmen say they were working for Silvercorp USA, a Florida-based private security company that had been contracted by Juan Guaidó, the reactionary opposition politician who calls himself “president” of Venezuela, to launch the landings some 30 km from Caracas that they dubbed “Operation Gideon”.

But the Maduro government says they were hirelings of US imperialism and its Colombian lackeys. Predictably, US president Donald Trump says his administration had “nothing to do” with the incident.

The latest attempt to oust the constitutionally-elected government of President Nicolas Maduro was led by a former US Army Green Beret named Jordan Goudreau, who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He set up Silvercorp in 2018 and his connection with Venezuela began the following year when he worked security at a concert in support of Guaidó organised by British billionaire Richard Branson on the Venezuelan–Colombian border.

“Controlling chaos on the Venezuela border where a dictator looks on with apprehension,” Goudreau wrote in a photo of himself on the concert stage posted to his Instagram account.

Soon after he met Lester Toledo, then Guaidó’s co-ordinator for the delivery of so-called ‘humanitarian aid’. In the Colombian capital, Bogota, Toledo introduced Goudreau to Cliver Alcala, the ringleader of the Venezuelan army deserters that are hiding in Colombia, and who is now in US custody on charges of drug trafficking.

Goudreau says his plan was co-ordinated with Guaidó, who signed a contract in October 2019 for $212 million. Miami-based opposition Venezuelan journalist Patricia Poleo published the document Sunday evening, which she said was a copy of the original contract.

Poleo interviewed Goudreau, who asserted that Silvercorp was hired to provide services, including “strategic planning”, “equipment procuring” and “project execution advisement” by none other than Juan Guaidó who, despite the evidence, has denied it.

Also, several audio recordings of an alleged conference call between Guido, Goudreau and senior Guaidó envoy Sergio Vergara, in which they agreed to sign the contract, were released. Now Goudreau has gone public, arguing he only got $50,000 and that the Venezuelan opposition kept promising to get him the rest but didn’t deliver.

The Silvercorp boss was allegedly responsible for training a contingent of 300 Venezuelan army deserters in three makeshift camps alongside the Colombian–Venezuelan border, who were to enter Venezuela in a heavily armed caravan and seize the capital within 96 hours.

In London, Dr Francisco Dominguez, National Secretary of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, said: “This latest terrorist attack must also be condemned outright and unequivocally by everyone who believe in the rule of international law and peace and conviviality among nations. It is about time Colombia stop breaking international law and allow its territory to be used for terrorist incursions into Venezuela. We call on the Colombian government to close immediately all such training camps for terrorists.

“We must also condemn unequivocally and energetically the grotesque decision by President Donald Trump to offer millions of dollars as bounty for the heads of President Maduro and other high officials of the Bolivarian government in Venezuela. This represents a very retrograde step for a modern nation such as the US in which, violating the most basic principles of the rule of law, publicly and officially its authorities encourage the perpetration of crimes (through ‘outsourcing’ as it were) to obtain its unspeakable political objectives, namely, ‘regime change’ in Venezuela so as to take possession of the largest reserves of oil in the planet.”