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The Fighting Fund

Week two of the May appeal brought in donations for the fighting fund from all over the country. An old friend in Essex gave us £30 and we got £50 from a Southampton reader with his sub renewal. An Aberdare supporter sent us £20 and we got another from a reader in St Helens. A Carlisle supporter contributed £40 and a Manchester reader sent in a fiver. It all come to £595 pushing the running total for the month to exactly £1,000. We now need £2,500 more to hit our target for May.

The labour movement may be stalled because of the lockdown but come what may the New Worker comes out every week. This is thanks to the determined band of supporters who keep up the fund that keeps the price down and our suppliers sweet. Make sure of our continued production by joining in!

Your donation, big or small, counts. Send it to: