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China races to find vaccine for the world

by our Asian affairs correspondent

CHINESE laboratories are working day and night to develop a coronavirus vaccine and when they do, they will share it with all the peoples of the world. People’s China has five potential vaccines in clinical trials in the race to find a way to stop the plague that has killed hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

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Praise but no raise

by New Worker correspondent

THE THREE main civil service trade unions have united to condemn Government proposals to set a low limit on pay rises this year despite their members going above and beyond the call of duty in the Department for Work and Pensions, Customs and Revenue, the Home Office and many other departments.

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Support the teachers!

WHILST Boris Johnson wants most schools in Britain to re-open next month his own alma mater, Eton College, will remain closed until September. The country’s paramount public school, along with most of the other top fee-paying secondary schools, will only re-open when the college authorities think it’s safe to do so in the autumn. Schools that cater for the children of the ruling class are not prepared to put the health of their pupils and staff at risk during the coronavirus crisis. But it’s another matter for the plebs as far as the Johnson government is concerned. Workers’ kids are expected to go back to school in June despite the continuing risk of infection to pupils and teachers.

Five former Tory and Labour education ministers along with the odious Tony Blair are supporting the Government’s plans for re-opening schools in phases. Gavin Williamson, the current Education Secretary, says the plan is based on scientific advice – but this confidence is not shared by the teaching unions or the medical profession.

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