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Cummings should go – and then Boris!

by New Worker correspondent

THE PRIME Minister has thrown his weight behind Dominic Cummings, the premier’s right-hand man, now at the centre of a political storm for breaking the lock-down to visit his family in Durham in March. The Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, said: “The Prime Minister has treated the British people with contempt. One rule for Dominic Cummings, another for everybody else” amidst mounting calls for Cummings’ resignation amongst MPs that include 35 from the Tory ranks in the House of Commons.

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Weekly applause and a pay cut

by New Worker correspondent

ANOTHER group of workers facing an attack from their employers despite receiving weekly plaudits from the Prime Minister downwards are those working for Leicestershire County Care Limited (LCCL). They have been told their salaries, holiday entitlement and sick pay will be cut. The latter includes axing existing scheme and putting them on the minimum state entitlement of £95.85 per week. In an attempt to sweeten the pill, LCCL will not be paying any dividends.

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Time to go!

AIDES by their very definition are expendable. They get their money and they’re paid off when they are no longer needed. If they become an embarrassment to their masters they are expected to go quietly in return for some sort of reward for keeping their mouths shut. But when they get too big for their boots, others may intervene to help them on their way.

Rasputin went down in a hail of bullets when he became an embarrassment to prominent members of the Russian aristocracy during the First World War. We’ve moved on from those days and, in any case, most minions have played the bourgeois game in Britain to abide by the unwritten code of conduct that governs the behaviour of the Establishment. Dominic Cummings, however, thinks he’s a different breed that can flout the norms of the ruling class he claims to serve.

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