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Weekly applause and a pay cut

by New Worker correspondent

ANOTHER group of workers facing an attack from their employers despite receiving weekly plaudits from the Prime Minister downwards are those working for Leicestershire County Care Limited (LCCL). They have been told their salaries, holiday entitlement and sick pay will be cut. The latter includes axing existing scheme and putting them on the minimum state entitlement of £95.85 per week. In an attempt to sweeten the pill, LCCL will not be paying any dividends.

Unison’s East Midlands regional secretary Chris Jenkinson said: “It’s beyond belief and insulting to staff that Leicestershire County Care would behave like this, especially at a time when staff are putting their lives on the line. These are among the lowest paid workers in the country and they already struggle to make ends meet. The cutbacks will hit them hard and highlights the desperate state of the social care sector.”

LCCL claim that spending on agency staff and not being able to admit new residents have “substantially increased” operating costs. LCCL is part of the Johnson Care Group, which made a profit of £4.8 million last year.

LCCL took on 13 former council-owned homes, resulting in the 97 staff affected being transferred to the firm’s employment but remaining on local authority terms. Its CEO Dr Davie Vive-Kananda said: “The terms provide unusually generous additional benefits.

“These terms have been honoured for the past eight years but are now simply unaffordable as the pandemic has substantially increased our operating costs with dramatic increases to the cost of supplies and agency staff.”

He claimed the move was an attempt to keep them in a job.

Shadow Care Minister and local Labour MP Liz Kendall said: “We are on the brink of a national care crisis with the industry relying on paying poverty wages to sustain a system which so many families rely on. Carers are going above and beyond at the moment and Leicestershire County Care Ltd are doing our local heroes a huge disservice by repaying their hard work and bravery with threats of further financial hardship or even the sack.”