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Not a riot: REBELLION!

by Monica Moorehead

A MILITANT, youth-led uprising, ignited by police terror, has swept across the USA like wildfire and is now entering its second week. Trump has proudly declared himself the “law-and-order” president whilst threatening to send in the army to quell the protests. But this – and the present catastrophic coronavirus pandemic, resulting in over 102,000 US deaths and rising – has failed to contain the uprising sparked by an horrific videotaped police murder exposed on 25th March for the whole world to see.

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Newly essential workers

by New Worker correspondent

Shop workers union USDAW is quite rightly demanding that such efforts be properly rewarded. Their general secretary, Paddy Lillis, said: “For too long the essential contribution of workers in retail, distribution, delivery, food manufacturing and the funeral sectors have been undervalued and underpaid. After this crisis is over, we cannot return to the way things were before. Too many of our key workers delivering essential services are struggling to exist on low pay, facing abuse from the public and working under pressures that impact their mental health.”

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Image and Reality

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

A RECENT opinion poll showed that about four out of five people say Nicola Sturgeon has handled the present crisis well. Less than a third think that Boris Johnson has done well. This despite the fact Sturgeon has done more or less than same as Johnson, usually a week or so later, with some minor modification of policy to pretend otherwise.

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The American Dream

THE BRUTAL murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis cops has triggered angry protests from coast to coast in the USA. This is the United States that the British ruling class call the leader of the ‘free world”. This is the society that they worship as the model of neo-con or ‘libertarian’ capitalism.

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Johnson’s nightmare

Meanwhile ‘Britain’s Trump’ is struggling to recover lost ground after a disastrous week following the Cummings scandal, which has led to a slump in Tory support in the opinion polls. Although Boris Johnson has managed to “move on” from the Cummings affair with his chief aide still in place, the credibility of his government has been clearly undermined, not least amongst his own supporters.

The Prime Minister knows that the furore over Dominic Cummings’s lockdown-breaking trip to Durham is only the beginning. What he doesn’t know is what comes next. The cabal of dissident Tory grandees kicked out of their party for opposing Brexit last year are still around. Now that Corbyn’s gone, there is nothing to fear from a future Labour government. With Sir Keir Starmer at the helm they can count on Labour support for any future Remainer moves to derail Britain’s exit from the European Union.

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