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Another Boris U-Turn

BORIS JOHNSON’S decision to shelve the plan to get all primary school pupils in England back into the classroom before the summer break has been welcomed by parents and teachers fearful of a premature return that could trigger off a second wave of the coronavirus plague.

Labour called on the Government to consult unions, head-teachers and parents on a new timetable for reopening. Their concern was shared by many Tory rank-and-filers whilst the teaching unions rightly pointed out that the emergency social distancing rules made it impossible for primary schools to admit all pupils before the summer holidays.

Johnson has now back-tracked. But he could have saved himself a lot of grief if he’d listened to them in the first place.

Boris is a poser who thinks that using the odd Latin phrase, half-remembered from his days at Eton, is enough to make him sound like a latter-day Cicero. He also believes that he is an intellectual giant of Churchillian stature who is going to herald a ‘golden age’ for the country under his leadership. In fact his only talent has been self-promotion and self-preservation. This he has demonstrated to good effect by bowing to public pressure since he took over the reins of power last year, not least when it comes from his own Tory grassroots.

Cummings, Johnson’s Rasputin-like ‘chief adviser’, is no political genius either. His major claim to fame is “getting Brexit right”, although you didn’t have to be an Einstein to realise that most people wanted out of the European Union (EU) in 2016. It is, after all, what we’ve been saying for years. Cummings has been wrong on everything else. His ‘herd immunity’ strategy for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic delayed the lockdown and clearly contributed to thousands of deaths that could have been avoided if the emergency regulations had been imposed earlier. We must assume that he was the driving force behind the early return to school drive that, thankfully, has now been stopped in its tracks.

No-one can blame Johnson for changing his mind. Boris’s real problem is that he clearly has no firm opinions of his own. But putting the crackpot advice from the likes of Dominic Cummings above the considered views of the worthies of his own Conservative constituency is a risky business.