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National News

Pay battles and stalemates

by New Worker correspondent

PAY TALKS may not be uppermost in most peoples’ minds at the present time but that does not mean that the need to continue the struggle for decent wages has ended. Needless to say, some bosses think that the present crisis is a good excuse for diverting their eyes from the issue.

At a Holyrood committee, RMT’s Scottish organiser deplored ScotRail for being the only British train operator to stop pay talks at present. ScotRail responded that it was “working on plans to be economically responsible that would not burden the public purse”.

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A Tory renationalisation

by New Worker correspondent

TORY governments are better known for privatising than nationalising things; but they have recently reversed one of their own privatisations. This is the probation services in England and Wales, which are to be brought back under public ownership and control thus ending the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) strategy begun in 2014 that outsourced most probation operations.

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Spy jobs at risk

CIVIL SERVICE union PCS has started a campaign to save the jobs of some of Britain’s spies. Their jobs are at risk because their nominal employer, the British Council, has been forced to close 44 out of its 47 English language schools across the globe.

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Muppet Policy

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

The measure introducedScotland’s flagship policy of minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol has once again been demonstrated to be less than a resounding success.

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In the Glens of Edinburgh

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

In their last election programme the SNP boasted it was increasing expenditure on affordable rural housing by £25 million.

It has now found another, more creative way of improving its rural housing record. It simply redefines Edinburgh, Scotland’s second largest city, as “accessible rural”.

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MoD: millions wasted on ‘fruitless payments’


THE MINISTRY of Defence (MoD) has released a comprehensive list of “fruitless payments” – money in excess of £30,000 spent unnecessarily and/or which provided no benefit to the MoD whatsoever from 2016 to 2019, totalling £8.93 million.

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Solidarity on the Green!

by Siobhan Kelly

A CHEERY crowd gathered on Turnham Green this last Sunday for a peaceful protest in support of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Justice for Grenfell. Around 200 people gathered at the Green which is in the middle of Chiswick High Street. quite a good turn-out for the affluent neighbourhood of West London.

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If it really did happen here


by Ben Soton

Queensway by George Galloway, Molucca Media Ltd (2019). Paperback: 120pp; £4.99. ISBN-10: 1916315305; ISBN-13: 978-1916315303. Kindle: File Size 852 KB, 86pp; £4.99. Text-to-Speech: Enabled, Word Wise: Enabled, Screen Reader: Supported, Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled. ASIN: B089NZMTB3.

A GROUP of high-ranking Nazis and their female consorts are killed in a bomb explosion whilst listening to a band. Good stuff to us progressive folk; however, this is not occupied Europe but Britain in 1940. France has fallen. The Dunkirk evacuation has failed, leading to a successful German invasion. The Fascist leader Oswald Mosley is Prime Minister. Edward VIII is King once again and Churchill has gone into hiding. This is the story of those who resisted – or would have resisted in George Galloway’s alternative history.

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Hands off Marx’s Tomb!

by Nikos Mottas

KARL MARX, the greatest thinker of all times whose revolutionary teachings became a guide for the struggles of the working class throughout the world, continues giving nightmares to fascists, reactionaries and anti-communists.

His tomb in Highgate cemetery in North London has been a target of cowardly attacks and vandalism by far-right thugs. In 2019, in a space of a month, the grave was vandalised twice by fascists who caused extensive damage in the marble plaque.

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International News

Grave situation on the Chinese border

Global Times

CHINESE and Indian troops clashed in the Galwan Valley on Monday. The Indian side said three Indian soldiers were killed. The Chinese military have confirmed that clashes between the two sides have led to casualties but did not release exact figures.

This has been the most serious clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers so far and the first time since 1975 that soldiers have died in border conflicts between the two countries.

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Cuban science at the service of the people

Radio Havana Cuba

CUBAN science has played a fundamental role in the confrontation of COVID-19. Remarkable international results have been achieved, creating a favourable scenario towards the resumption of the country’s normal activities, which will be gradually restored over time.

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American spy jailed in Moscow


THE MOSCOW City Court sentenced a US citizen, Paul Whelan, to 16 years in a high-security prison on espionage charges on Monday. The prosecution wanted 18 years. Whelan, who insists on his innocence, says he will contest the sentence.

Whelan, who is also a British citizen, was arrested at the end of 2018 by the Russian authorities on charges of espionage. Whelan has maintained that he is innocent and has insisted that he came to Russia to attend a friend’s wedding. He has been visiting Russia regularly since 2007.

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Stalin and Victory

by Oleg Kolesnikov

YOUNG communists marked the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the USSR and its allies in the Second World War with a picket outside the city administration block in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk in central Siberia.

Although limited in size by the strict regulations imposed to contain the coronavirus pandemic, the people of the city supported the picket organised by the Komsomol of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF).

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Only rich people’s lives matter in America

by Sawraj Singh

MANY PEOPLE protesting about the death of George Floyd are seen carrying banners saying: “Black Lives Matter”. But the bitter truth about the USA is that only rich people’s lives matter. Similarly, some people are seen carrying posters reading: “I Can’t Breathe”. Again, the ugly reality of America is that only the rich can breathe freely in America. Racism and discrimination of the deprived segments of society are an integral part of the US system.

The American system was founded on the pillars of racism, exploitation and discrimination. The Native Americans were the first victims. They were robbed of their lands, hunted like animals and their population was wiped out through treachery, as when they were given blankets contaminated with smallpox, and buffalo, the animal that they were dependent upon, was hunted to near extinction in order to cause starvation.

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Rio Tinto: Australia’s ancient heritage destroyed

by Eileen Whitehead

HOW MUCH LONGER is white Australia going to get away with acts of sheer, unadulterated barbarism unleashed on anything associated with the culture of the original Indigenous owners of the land? It is appalling that the destruction of such an exceptionally important archæological and – more importantly – cultural site dating back 46,000 years, has scarcely been mentioned on our news media.

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USA: The Government, the Klan and the cops

by Ted Kelly

I’LL BEGIN by quoting two different passages. The first is from Workers World Party founder Sam Marcy’s book The Klan and the Government: Foes or Allies?.

“The far more important problem is the reciprocal relations between the capitalist government and the Klan. More often than not, the former is made to appear rather hostile to the Klan. The public impression conveyed is that the government is forced under the law (the First or ‘Free Speech’ Amendment to the Constitution) to defend and secure the Klan’s rights.

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