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The Fighting Fund

First week after the shut-down is always a busy time but sorting out the fighting fund always comes first. We needed £1,974 to hit our £3,500 target for June. We did it with a little to spare! We raised £2,000 thanks to standing orders and a very generous donation of £1,000 from a Bristol comrade which gave us a grand total of £3,526.

The July appeal starts now. There’s still a week’s post to sort out but we’ve only got a further two weeks to raise the £3,500 needed to hit our monthly target.

With the retreat of the plague in London we are easing our own lockdown to allow volunteers to return to the Centre and get the paper to the post office depot on Thursdays again. But we won’t be back to normal until we can get the New Worker into the bookshops and back on the streets again. Every reader can help by winning new subscribers to our paper and maintaining the fighting fund that keeps our presses rolling throughout the year.

Your donation, big or small, is crucial. Send it to: