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The Fighting Fund

We’re just sifting through the a backlog of post held up at the depot now and the July appeal has kicked off with £2,570 in the bag thanks to a generous donation of £2,000 from Richmond & Kingston comrades in memory of Harry Danvers and the standing orders come in the beginning of the month. We need £930 to hit our £3,500 target for the month. Hopefully we’ll do it because we are still suffering from the dip in sales due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The bookshops are still closed and our last rounds in London have been suspended for the time being due to illness (though neither is Clovid-19 related!). But you can help by winning new subscribers to our paper and maintaining the fighting fund that keeps our presses rolling throughout the year.

So any donation, big or small, is crucial to the cause. Send yours to: