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Israel’s war on Syria continues

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

ISRAELI war planes carried out a wave of air-strikes on targets around the Syrian capital of Damascus this week. Although the Damascus air defence system intercepted most of the missiles some did get through, wounding seven Syrian soldiers and causing some material damage.

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Stealing jobs?

by New Worker correspondent

COMMUNITY, the union representing steelworkers, has warned that owners of the South Wales steel plant at Port Talbot will have a fight on their hands if proposals to end blast furnace steel production at the South Wales site at Port Talbot are implemented.

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The Russians are coming…

OR MAYBE not. It all depends on whether you believe the ‘Russia report’ by the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament (ISC), which was published this week. The ISC says that the 42-page “summary” is “supplemented with a substantial annex” that gives greater detail, which has been read by the chosen few but cannot be published at this time “in view of the current Russian threat”.

In the meantime, we have to make do with a flimsy dossier that covers purported Russian interference in the European Union referendum and other “malicious” cyber-activities by the Kremlin to influence opinion in the UK.

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