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The Fighting Fund

We’ve managed to sort out all the outstanding post received so far at the Centre and donations to the fighting fund added up to £603 which pushes the running total for July to £3,173. Many thanks to all who helped us on our way including the Carlisle supporter who gave us £70 in July and the veteran Essex comrade who sent in £30. Another long-time supporter of our communist paper in Sandhurst donated £100; a Cornish reader sent in £6 and another reader in Little Stretton gave us a fiver. We’re on the last lap now with just one more campaigning weekend to raise at least £327 so that we can hit our £3,500 monthly fund target again.

Though most public work is still paralysed because of the emergency regulations you can still help us by winning new readers and maintaining the fighting fund that keeps our presses rolling throughout the year. All donations, big or small, count. Send yours to