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Portland protesters resist Trump’s troops

Joshua Hanks

THOUSANDS of anti-racist, anti-fascist protesters continue to come out night after night into the streets of Portland, Oregon, to protest against police brutality, racism and the iron-fisted federal occupation of the city. After two months of continuous protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, the protests swelled yet again after the Trump administration sent federal officers to crush the movement.

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On the wages front

by New Worker correspondent

THE ANNUAL consultation by the Government’s Low Pay Commission (LPC) on statutory pay rates is underway, with trade unions seeking increases and to “end the scandal of low pay & insecure employment”. It is also the occasion for businesses and trade associations to say these objectives are unaffordable.

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Why is the US conducting virus research in Eastern Ukraine?

by Theo Russell

REVELATIONS by whistle-blowers are ringing alarm bells across Europe. Campaigners in Kharkov province, Eastern Ukraine, are appealing for international support to expose the work of US-financed bio-research labs in Merefa district, 10 miles south-west of the industrial city of Kharkov.

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On Yer Bike

REMEMBER summers of old? Those halcyon days when workers took their traditional summer break whilst the great and the good trooped off to loll around their villas in Tuscany or bask in the Caribbean sun?

Those days are sadly gone. We’re now in the era of coronavirus and the ‘staycation’. August is still the ‘Silly Season’ but these days the papers have to fill their columns with even more rubbish now that the Wimbledon championships have been cancelled along with most of the cricket and the other competitive sports fixtures.

The traditional summer sightings of the Loch Ness monster and giant jellyfish stranded on the Devon coast may have gone, but the Johnson Government is doing its best to entertain us by offering free bikes on the NHS whilst Sir Keir Starmer’s supporters wile away the time trying to drum Jeremy Corbyn out of the Labour Party he once led.

In 1981 Norman Tebbitt, a largely forgotten Tory Cabinet minister of the Thatcher era, told unemployed workers to follow the example of his father who “got on his bike to look for a job” during the 1930s. Now his successors are urging us to do the same thing to fight the flab.

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