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Banking on Biden

Meanwhile the Remainer camp is banking on Donald Trump’s defeat in the forthcoming US presidential elections. Johnson’s entire Brexit strategy has been based on replacing the Treaty of Rome with a new ‘Treaty of Washington’ that would open the British domestic market, including the NHS, to corporate America in exchange for preferential trans-Atlantic trade.

The Democrats have always favoured Britain’s continued membership of the European Union, which enables their British-based investments to operate competitively within the EU. Johnson’s deal will be dead in the water if Trump’s Democratic rival, Joe Biden, wins.

That’s when they’ll call for the Brexit transition period to be extended to the end of this parliament’s five-year term whilst preparing for the ‘national government’ that Starmer thinks he’s immensely qualified to head. That will then pave the way for new negotiations with Brussels and the ‘second referendum’ of their hopes and dreams.

Johnson won’t be losing any sleep over Starmer in the immediate future. The new Labour leader has done little or nothing to restore Labour’s fortunes in its former bastions in Scotland or the North that are now in the hands of the Tories and the Scottish Nationalists. But Starmer is biding his time.