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Order restored in Minsk

by New Worker correspondent

BELARUSIAN police and security forces have restored order in the capital, Minsk, following mass protests that rapidly descended into violence following presidential elections which the opposition claimed was rigged. But monitors from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the forum that represents most of the former Soviet republics including Russia, said the election was 'open, competitive and ensured the free expression of the will of citizens of Belarus'.

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Cultural cuts

by New Worker correspondent

THE National Trust has announced that it could be making 1,200 of its 10,000 staff redundant to make £100 million savings after announced it was facing a £200 million loss. The organisation is a charity that looks after the nation’s country houses for the benefit of gentry and aristocrats who cannot afford to live in the whole house. It often gives them the top flat whilst it charges its 5.6 million members and visitors to explore the grounds and wander round the grand rooms gazing at the family portraits and looking at the cooper pans in the kitchen before departing for tea and cake in its cafes. Afterwards they are shepherded out through ye olde gift shoppe where they are further relieved of their money.

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Marxism and morality

by Ray Jones

ONE COMMON attack on Marxism is that it is amoral, that Marxists don’t really have any morals at all. It’s said that they believe that ‘the end justifies the means’ in all circumstances and are quite happy to indulge in the eating of babies if they think it serves their devious purposes.

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Stand by Belarus

THE IMPERIALISTS and their media gurus are now bleating about Belarus in the wake of the presidential election that gave Alexander Lukashenko a thumping majority in the poll last weekend. The people of Belarus have chosen their president fair and square, no matter what the reactionary opposition leader and her supporters say.

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