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Imperialism: hands off Belarus!

by New Worker correspondent

BELARUSIAN President Alexander Lukashenko has accused the West of sponsoring street protests in support of opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who fled to Lithuania after being soundly beaten in the presidential elections on 9th August. The Belarusian leader says he has received a pledge from Russia to provide comprehensive assistance if needed to ensure the security of his country in a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the weekend, and People’s China has again stressed its opposition any external forces’ attempts to create a split and trigger unrest in Belarus.

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Bad news on the High Street

by New Worker correspondent

TUESDAY saw the announcement by Marks & Spencer (M&S) that they were making another 7,000 staff redundant.

Dave Gill, a national officer for shop-workers union USDAW, which has many members employed by the chain but no recognition at the notoriously non-union company, said: “This job loss announcement is yet another devastating blow for M&S staff and yet another bombshell for our high streets. The Government has a clear choice; do they want to see the high street go to the wall, or do they want to help save it?”

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Hands off Belarus!

THE GREEDY EYES of Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialism are now focused on Belarus. They’re dying to get their hands on the former Soviet republic to use its land as another NATO front against the Russian Federation and to strip it bare of its natural resources. Their willing tools call themselves as “freedom fighters” and “democrats”, whilst others pose as “socialists” and “revolutionaries” for the “human rights” gang and the phony Trots inside and outside the Labour Party. .

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Twist and Shout

BORIS JOHNSON did another U-turn last weekend, reversing his government’s defence of the ludicrous mathematical formula – the Ofqual algorithm – to assess A-level grades in the absence of exams due to closure of schools during the coronavirus lock-down. Last week the Tories defended the exam regulator’s “robust” algorithm that disproportionately affected those in more deprived state schools and slashed the grades of hundreds of thousands of students in England.

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