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The Fighting Fund

This week we raised £565 which pushed the August needle up to £2,239. We now need £1,261 by the end of the month to hit our £3,500 target and we’ve only got one more campaigning weekend to do it.

This week we received contributions from the Midlands and the West Country as well as £55 from a Southall comrade. Donations, big or small, make our suppliers happy and keep the bailiffs away!

The New Worker is our communist voice. We need to be ready to get back on the street as soon as the coronavirus restrictions are lifted. Some bookshops have re-opened and socially distanced public events are now being organised. But public meetings are still almost impossible to organise. But we can try to win new readers from our own personal contacts at our work-place and on the street.

Standing by Belarus. Building solidarity with the people’s democracies. Campaigning for peace. You name it – we do it. Please help by sending donations to: